The documentation generated by the idCAT Registration Entity must be kept by the body even if it no longer provides the service, since the responsibility for keeping the documentation is independent of the provision of the service. The fact that a function/activity ceases to be provided by an administration does not exempt them from the responsibility of diligently guarding the documentation they have generated during the years they have provided the service.

In the archives there are what are called closed series, files that have been generated during the processing of an activity that has a start date and an end date and must be kept for the time established by the regulations. In this case, for 15 years.

In this sense, section 9.6.2 of the Declaration of Certification Practices of the AOC Consortium stipulates that the Registration Entities have the obligation to keep the documentation for the 15 years stipulated by law. By not establishing any conditions, we must understand that this obligation subsists by those responsible (the responsible organizations) of the Registration Entities.