The AOC Consortium is working to offer all the necessary functionalities for managing the life cycle of idCAT Mòbil as a credential. Provisionally, however, operations such as data modification and cancellation are not available through Via Oberta and you will have to send them to our User Service Center, so that the appropriate operations can be carried out, that we will communicate to the requesting citizen once they have been completed.

You must attach the request for cancellation/modification completed and signed by the citizen (you can obtain the request for cancellation/modification in the following link) and the authentic or certified copy of the identification document.

Request for modification/deletion of the mobile idCAT

If you want to modify any data in the mobile idCAT, please check whether you can make the modification online from home, following the following procedure: How can I modify my mobile idCAT data?
Otherwise or if you wish, you can apply in person at a Registration Entity.

If you wish to request voluntary deregistration, you must always go to a face-to-face Citizen Service Office of the Generalitat de Catalunya or a Registration Entity: How can I unsubscribe from idCAT Mòbil?
Make the request by attaching the indicated documentation through the following form: Click to access the form