All ER idCAT operators must successfully pass the operator course to be able to provide the service. It is also highly recommended that service managers and technicians in charge of ER idCAT take part.

Once you have sent us the necessary documentation for the provision of the service (idCAT Registration Entity Form and Request for issuance of digital operator certificates) through EACAT, the corresponding operators will they will have to enroll in the next available course.

The training is in virtual format. You can find course information and registration forms here . Once the operators have been registered through the corresponding form, one week before the course, the AOC Consortium contacts the operator to inform them if they have been admitted to the course.

A few days before the start of the course, the operator cards are delivered to the service manager of the entity, who will have to hand over the cards to each operator in order to complete the training.


  • The operator card is received a few days before or the same week that the course begins; in case it arrives once the course has already started, it is not a problem because the certificate is not necessary for the first part of the course (theory), only for the practical part which is the final.
  • There is no specific schedule for taking the course, you can take it at whatever time you want within the range of days the course lasts.
  • For any doubts once the course has started, you must contact the tutor through the forum within the same course.
  • Once the course is completed, a certificate of use is obtained; this certificate can be downloaded during the 6 months following completion of the course; after the 6 months, the certificate can no longer be obtained.
  • The certificate of utilization does not include the duration of the course, given that it is a virtual course that can be accessed at any time and there is no set number of hours.