The two roles involved in an idCAT Registration Entity are:

Responsible for the service . Its functions are the following:

– Manage the operators of the idCAT Registration Entity. It decides who are the idCAT operators who will provide the service and manages their training. In addition, it delivers the IDCAT Registration Entity Operator certificates that the AOC sends to the entity by post.

– Apply the operational, archiving and security procedures of the idCAT service.

- Extend to its operators all the communications that the AOC sends to the idCAT Registration Entity, such as service interruptions, changes in the service, incidents, etc.

- Send all queries, suggestions, incidents of the idCAT service to the AOC. It centralizes all the information sent to the AOC.

– As a summary of all tasks, the Service Manager is the link between the idCAT Registration Entity and the AOC, so that all communications will be addressed to this person and this person will be responsible for disseminate information to operators.

idCAT Registration Entity Operator : He is responsible for providing the idCAT service following the procedures and instructions of the AOC. The tasks will basically be to issue, revoke and enable idCATs certificates, as long as they are requested by the holder of the certificate.

The roles of Service Manager and Operator are not incompatible. In reality, it is highly recommended that the Person in charge is also an operator, since in this way he will have a wider knowledge of the service he manages.