The idCAT Registration Entity File is the document that contains the data of this entity; the address, the hours of the service, whether an appointment must be requested... and the details of all the operators who provide the service.

This must be sent updated to the AOC whenever there is a change in the data of the idCAT Registration Entity or with the operators.

To do this, the service manager of the idCAT Registration Entity needs to go to EACAT (, Procedures section, specifically to the "Digital certification service" of the lender Consorci AOC and process the IDCAT Registration Entity File.

Important: In order to process the idCAT Registration Entity File, you must have the "Digital certification service" role at EACAT.

Note: It is not necessary that the operators indicated in the ER idCAT Form are registered with the EACAT.

More information: Life cycle of the ER idCAT operator certificate