In order to start providing the service and guarantee access to the idCAT operator plan ( ), the staff who will act as operator must have the following items:

  • Personal computer with current technical features and operating in a secure network environment and with the necessary tools to guarantee correct operation, especially with an installed and updated anti-virus software.
  • A cryptographic card reader (and corresponding drivers installed).
  • Software for the use of the operator's digital certificate .
  • Public keys of the AOC Consortium installed (install them by clicking here )
  • Operating system Microsoft Windows 10 or higher.
  • Google Chrome and Edge browser with minimum TLS 1.2 support:
    • To verify compatibility with TLS 1.2, you can access and see that the home page of the web loads correctly without error in the browser.
  • Connection: TCP/IP Ports 80, 443 and 4443 must be enabled.
  • Photocopier, in the event that the citizen does not accept the consultation at the DGP.
  • Laser printer, to be able to print the different sheets generated in the operations.
  • Proof stamp (for special cases).
  • Cabinet and/or filing cabinet with lock to securely store the documentation and files associated with the management of idCAT certificates. In the case of having an electronic file it will not be necessary.

For its part, the AOC will provide the following:

  • Digital certificates of cryptographic card operators by the operators assigned by the entity

ER idCAT operator training

Consult the program, registration and dates

Maintenance requirements for ER idCAT

  • Satisfactorily pass follow-up audits
  • Increase the uses with idCAT certificate available on the website of the entity
  • Increase the issuance of the idCAT compared to the previous year or maintain it
  • Collaborate in the promotion of the communication campaigns developed by idCAT from the website

Cost of setting up and maintaining an idCAT Registration Entity

You can consult the prices for setting up and maintaining an idCAT Registration Entity in the document "Public prices for the Digital Certification Service", which you will find here .

Publication in the idCAT Registry Entities Search Engine

All Registration Entities will appear in the AOC Consortium Finder:

Where can I get the idCAT Certificate?