In the case of operator certificates generated before January 24, 2022 , the idCAT operator certificate PIN and PUK codes cannot be recovered. However, if the operator did not modify the initial PIN or PUK, you can contact us through the contact form so that we can send you the originals or search for the email that was sent at the time of receipt

For operator certificates generated after January 24, 2022 , the idCAT operator certificate PIN and PUK codes can be retrieved via the following link:

It will be necessary to indicate the data requested by the application.


Once done, the operator will receive the original PIN and PUK codes by email.

In the event that the initial PIN of the idCAT operator certificate has been modified by the operator through the Token Manager, it will be necessary to request the revocation of the certificate and the new issue.

To do this, the manager of the idCAT service:
• Must have the following permit "AOC- Digital certification service"
• You will have to access the EACAT in the "Application for AOC Services" section of the lender Consorci AOC, following the route Procedures>Digital certification service. In this section, you must make the revocation and then request the issuance of a new OER idCAT digital certificate.

Once managed, the new digital certificate will be sent to the Service Manager