How to revoke an idCAT certificate?

In the menu at the top of the operator's website, you can find the "Certificate Inquiry" link from which you can consult any certificate using the NIF, NIE, Passport or DNI number from other countries. A list is displayed with all the certificates associated with that document number and you can access the details of what you are looking for through the "view" link. At the end of the certificate detail page, you can find the option to revoke it, by previously choosing the reason that the citizen has indicated.

It can also be done from "Revocation", enter the number of the credentialing document and select the certificate to revoke it, accessing the detail page of the same as explained in the previous paragraph.

A certificate can only be revoked when a citizen requests it, and must sign the corresponding revocation document, which will be archived. The only exception to this is when the operator has a problem during the issuance of the certificate and does not complete the process correctly. In this case, the operator must ex officio revoke this certificate and sign the appearance document.

What should the operator do who has made an erroneous emission, and cannot find it to revoke it?

If the issue was done in software, the certificate has not yet been generated and therefore cannot be revoked. Therefore, one simply has to make a new issue, leaving the previous one to expire (at 90 days) on its own. The operator will not have uniqueness problems with this certificate because the certificate is not issued until the citizen downloads it. Only the appearance document associated with the correct issuance must be given to the citizen, but the idCAT Registration Entity must keep the signed copies of both operations, the erroneous and the correct issuance.

How to cancel an idCAT if the holder's document has changed since it was issued, for example from NIE to NIF?

In order to be able to revoke the certificate issued with the identification document that no longer exists, the citizen must provide the certificate from the civil registry stating which was his previous certifying document and which is the new one, given that if the citizen only provides the new document will not appear in the idCAT database.

The new idCAT will be carried out with the data of the new identification document.

Archiving of the documentation associated with the revocation

See the filing procedure found in the FAQ Procedures of the idCAT Registration Entities