This content will apply from September 13, 2023 , according to the changes communicated in the ER idCAT.

From September 2023 the Registration Entities idCAT (ER) will be able to make authentic copies from the same application. It is a voluntary act but recommended by the ER, as it allows the custody of the documentation diligently. If the authentic copy is made, it is not necessary to keep the paper copy. It is recommended to follow the ER filing procedure .

How is it done?

Once the acceptance sheet is generated and signed by the certificate holder, the ER operator will see the following screen

To access to make the authentic copy, click on the link that appears in the previous image, which leads to the application that allows you to generate the authentic copy:


Select the document

Once inside the application, the user only has to click on the PDF button on the top left to be able to generate an authentic copy of an original document in electronic format.
A window will then open to select the document of which you want to generate a copy.


Once the document is uploaded, the application shows a visualization of the same, with the possibility of zooming in or out, but does not allow any type of editing of the document.


Generation of the copy

To generate the authentic copy, the user only has to click on the icon:


If you want, you can also re-upload a different document or cancel the action.
In the event that the signature must be performed using a certificate installed in the user's local certificate store, a pop-up will appear to choose the digital certificate:

Image 5.jpg

If everything works correctly, the service generates the authentic copy and the application allows:

  • Accept (which implies that the copy will be saved in the application). Recommended option
  • Cancel the process (implies that the copy will not be saved)
  • View the copy in PDF format in the browser
  • View in the browser an XML with the metadata


If the ok button is clicked, it returns to the idCAT application where the already saved copy is displayed:


How to view the document?

It can be downloaded from the link that appears at the end of the page once the copy has been made:

IMPORTANT: You must download this document and keep it diligently for a period of 15 years from the expiry of the certificate

It can also be downloaded from idCAT's own app:

1. If the certificate has not been downloaded by the citizen, the document can be found in the Prevalidation Consultation section


2. If the certificate has already been downloaded by the citizen, the document can be found in the Certificate consultation section


By pressing the Doc icon we will find the original acceptance sheet and the document to which we have made the copy.


IMPORTANT: This document will be available for 24 months in the application, then it will disappear.
Each Registration Entity idCAT will be responsible for downloading the digitized acceptance sheets and keeping them for 15 years from the expiry of the certificate.

What if I can't make the copy at the time of identity validation and want to make it afterwards?

As in the previous step it can be done from:

1. Prevalidation consultation, if the certificate has not been downloaded by the citizen


You must press the CÒPIA button and follow the steps indicated in the previous point.

2. Consultation of certificates, if the citizen has already downloaded the certificate


You must press the CÒPIA button and follow the steps indicated in the point "How to do it?".

Can an authentic copy of the revocation document be made?

Yes, a true copy of the revocation document can also be made by following the steps given above to make a true copy of the issuing document.

This process can be done at the same time or also deferred.