If we come across a person with a full conscience, but with a physical disability that does not allow him to sign, the first option would be to use the fingerprint. If this is not possible:

  • The operator of the Registration Entity acts as an instrumental witness, signing a diligence with a text stating the impossibility of signing the application by the person concerned.
  • The operator must take into account:
    • That the interested party understands what is being said and that their intention is to request a certificate. Once it is verified that the person has the correct intellectual faculties, they are allowed to apply for the certificate.
    • With regard to the signing of the application, if your disability prevents you from doing so with your fingerprint, the ER operator will need to act as an instrumental witness, including a text on all pages of the application. legality and receipt stating that he has verified that the person who requested the certificate expresses his willingness to apply for the certificate.