In which languages can the appearance document that is given to the citizen be printed?

The appearance document can be issued in Catalan, Spanish, Aranese, English and French. Just before generating the certificate, the language in which the document will be printed must be selected, which must be the one most understandable by the citizen.

When issuing, enabling and revoking the certificate, you must choose the language in which the document will be generated. This selected language is the one in which the e-mail communication will be sent to the citizen, where the instructions necessary to use the certificate appear. Therefore, it is important to select the language most understandable by the citizen, since the document he will sign and the communication he will receive in his e-mail will appear in this language.

Must a idCAT Registration Entity issue certificates to any citizen, or only to those in their municipality?

idCAT certificates must be issued to any citizen who requests it and provides the necessary identification documentation. Therefore, it is not necessary for the citizen to bring any registration certificate or similar document.

What to do when, when searching for a request to be able to do the validation, several appear from the same person?

By default, choose the last request made by the citizen. In fact, however, it is of no real importance which request is selected, since if the data do not correspond to those of the supporting document, the operator will have to modify them.

How to consult a certificate through the Export option? What can be seen?

The operator has the option of searching for certificates, in addition to using the "Certificate Inquiry" section, through the "Export" option, which also appears in the top menu of the operator's website. This search allows you to filter by dates and operations, and shows information in excel format on the operations carried out. For example, it allows you to know which operator has done a certain validation, all the operations that have been done for a certain period, etc.

I have generated a idCAT but it does not generate the appearance document

When the operator has made an issue, he must access "certificate query" if the certificate has been generated correctly, access the last column of the record of the certificate that has just been issued and check if it is link Doc.

If the link does not appear, an ex officio revocation must be made (signed by the operator who made the operation) and a new issue made.

If the link is shown, click it, the page will show the appearance document and the option to print it appears.

In case the certificate was not generated correctly, a new certificate can be issued.

When the operator has made a software issue for the "Prevalidation" option, the appearance document is not in "Certificate Inquiry" but in "Prevalidation Inquiry". To obtain the document, you will have to search for the emission carried out, see the data by clicking on "View" and select the "Print" option that appears at the bottom of the screen. Doing this will bring up the issue document, which can be printed.

What should the operator do who has made an erroneous emission, and cannot find it to revoke it?

If the issue was done in software, the certificate has not been generated yet and therefore cannot be revoked. Therefore, you simply have to make a new issue, letting the previous one expire (at 90 days) on its own. The operator will not have uniqueness problems with this certificate because the certificate is not issued until the citizen downloads it. Only the appearance document associated with the correct issuance must be given to the citizen, but the Registration Entity idCAT must keep the signed copies of both operations, the erroneous issuance and the correct issuance.